Best Lightweight Mobility Boot Scooters for Travel

With such a variety to choose from, how do you know which lightweight mobility scooter is suited for you?

In recent years, lightweight mobility scooters have seen an increase in demand due to their incredible weight difference when compared to traditional mobility scooters. In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting a few key points to consider when choosing your next lightweight mobility scooter, as well as featuring some fantastic models along the way. 

What are the types of lightweight scooters?

When it comes to lightweight boot scooters, you’ll typically come across 2 main types, ‘Folding Scooters’ and ‘Travel Scooters’. With travel scooters you’ll find that they break down into multiple parts, allowing you to easily store the sections in a car boot for example, but with folding scooters, these often fold away as one piece and sometimes with just a click of a button.

Travel mobility scooters can be dismantled very easily and often break down into 4 or 5 parts that can be lifted into a car boot with ease. They are cheap and certainly convenient if you have a car, but if you’re traveling via public transport, you’ll soon discover that folding mobility scooters can appear more practical.

Foldable mobility scooters can not only help out when traveling on public transport, they can now travel with you on holiday, whether that be via train or airplane. With these types of mobility scooters, size, weight and battery-life are extremely important.

How do they compare to more traditional scooters?

Lightweight mobility scooters are ideal for errands, public transport, tight indoor spaces, and outdoor spaces where conditions are manageable. Their compact size can help users navigate aisles in shops with ease, and some models can be lifted up over small obstacles.

In comparison to traditional scooters, you may find that lightweight scooters do not perform as well on rough terrain, with a slightly lower power output to help navigate. Depending on certain user factors, models will vary regarding how much distance they can cover per fully-charged battery, ranging from approximately 13 to 20 kilometers.

Will driving a lightweight scooter feel the same?

As well as portability, comfort, and power, we often get asked about how they manoeuvre in comparison to traditional scooters. Lightweight mobility scooters will have a sharp turning radius that enables customers to navigate around tight spaces, especially indoor spaces such as shops and offices.

You may certainly feel some degree of change when first trying out a lightweight mobility scooter, but rest assured, you’ll certainly find the comfort and weight a huge consideration factor.

The Motion Healthcare Alumina travel scooter as seen above offers up to 15 miles range with a lightweight 4kg battery pack. The Alumina Pro goes even further, with a 30 mile range (the longest of any car boot scooter) and only a 5kg battery pack.

Both the Alumina and Alumina Pro is designed to be disassembled easily for transportation with a heaviest part weighing just 10kg (the lightest of any car boot scooter).

This ultra-lightweight travel scooter is extremely comfortable and features full suspension and a quality padded seat.

The Motion Healthcare eDrive is a travel friendly folding scooter designed to fit into almost any car boot in one piece. It quickly and automatically folds itself into a small manageable shape in one smooth movement at the press of a button on the key fob, and unfolds just as quick. A heavy duty travel bag is also included to protect the eDrive when travelling.

Despite its compact shape the eDrive offers market leading performance for its category along with plenty of comfort and stability. Featuring large wheels and an impressive ground clearance as well as plenty of leg room and a weight limit of 21 stone. The adjustable tiller also allows the user to set the most convenient height along with a comfortable upholstered seat with padded folding armrests.

Where do I purchase a lightweight mobility scooter?

We have many great options available to you at Three Counties Mobility and welcome you to visit our store in castle Camps, Cambridgeshire or call 01223 756440 to discuss more.