What are the Benefits of a Stairlift Installation?

For many seniors, staircases can become difficult to navigate as they age due to weakened muscles and a lack of stability.

In this blog post, we outline the key benefits and features of a stairlift installation and how Three Counties Mobility can help you from a free estimate to a professional stress-free installation. We pride ourselves on offering the best, cost-effective mobility equipment to help keep you safe and mobile in your everyday life, and a stairlift is a great addition to any home.


Remain active in your home

Without a stairlift, going up a staircase can be a difficult and stressful experience, often resulting in the need for assistance. Stairlifts give you the freedom to help you get around the house with ease and without the aid of anyone else.

With the ease of use being essential, you’ll soon discover that stairlifts require no professional operation. With a simple setup and operating mechanism, all that’s needed is a comfortable sitting position, a secure strap around the waist and you’re ready to go.

They are affordable

In the past, a few of our customers have mentioned selling their house and moving into a single floor home or possibly into an assisted living facility, however, this can become very costly and time-consuming.

Stairlifts are the most practical and affordable option that allows you to remain mobile in your own home. As well as stairlift installs, there is also a wide range of daily living aids that can help you around the home.

They are safe

With the incredible amount of research and care that goes into a professionally fitted stairlift, you’ll soon discover why they become the safest option. They help reduce the risk of injury at home whilst allowing you to safely and comfortably move between floors, also helping reduce the risk of a fall.

They are designed to fit your stairs

With straight and curved staircases available, you can be sure that we can install a stairlift to your staircase. Their customisable nature makes them a preferred option by both manufacturers and users because they are easy to build and design.

Don’t like mess? Neither do we! You can guarantee that our professionally fitted stairlifts leave your home in tip-top condition.

They are pain-free

With age comes reduced mobility and the likes of aching joints and arthritis, making your journey up and down the stairs a challenging one. Although some people may choose to remain on the ground floor, a stairlift can help you stay mobile across the whole house and present a pain-free solution to navigating the stairs.

With a power swivel option available on most chairs, you can be sure that entering and leaving the chair is a pleasnt experience.

Still wondering if a stairlift installation is the right choice for you?

Three Counties Mobility have been on hand to help quote and install multiple stairlifts across the region, with the photographs above showcasing our work. We promise to leave you smiling and to help you keep mobile across your entire house.

We understand that some people are unsure whether a stairlift is the right choice for them, so we’re happy to discuss all available options to our customers completely free of charge.

What’s included within the stairlift installation?

  • One-to-one contact with the installer
  • Attending the property to survey the stairs ready for the installation
  • Receiving your quote
  • Stairlift installation
  • A full demonstration of the stairlift and its safety features

Already have a stairlift installed?

As well as fitting stairlifts, we also offer a stairlift removal service as well as stairlift repairs across Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk. We are able to safely remove or upgrade an existing stairlift with ease and is a service available on both straight and curved stairlifts.

Read more information on stairlift options here. To speak to us directly regarding an estimate or help regarding an installation, please contact us on 01223 756440 or email us via our email contact form.