Our Guide to the Saljol Carbon Rollator

If you’re looking for a walking aid that emphasizes your personality through dynamic looks but offers incredible features and specifications, the Saljol Carbon will no doubt be at the top of your list.

In our latest guide, we walk through the industry-leading rollator that has received incredible praise from retailers across the UK and Europe. Let’s dive into the Saljol Carbon!

Who are Saljol?

German manufactures Saljol have been designing essential yet premium aids for over 20 years, putting heart and soul into every product development. Featuring incredible attention to detail and using only high-quality materials, Saljol products bring safety and style to the industry, whilst remaining competitive in their pricing.

Within the UK, Saljol products are fairly new to the market, with only a handful of items available through their UK distributor Rollz Mobility. If you’re interested in seeing the entire range of products from Saljol, please visit their website here.



Why Choose Carbon?

Carbon fibre is an impressive material to feature on a rollator, especially with the vast range of sturdy aluminium frames already available on the market. However, what we soon discovered about their choice of frame material really got us talking.

“Wow, that’s light!”

That’s sure to be the first thing you’ll say when using the Saljol Carbon rollator. At just 5.8 kg, this is by far the lightest rollator we’ve had available to our customers. It’s impressive, it really is, and its high-end build quality only reinforces this statement. You’ll be amazed at how well it manoeuvres due to its weight and short wheelbase, even those with weakened muscle power can appreciate its ease of use.

Key Features of the Saljol Carbon:

  • Reflectors on frame and wheel: Be perfectly visible at darkness and twilight.
  • Unique, curved design, inspired by the 50s: Stay individual and chic.
  • Integrated gearshift: Stay in full control over your rollator using the drag brakes, even when you go downhill.
  • Cork handles: Avoid sweaty hands, enjoy the natural feeling and the shock-absorbing effect.
  • Supplied in 2 sizes: Small (upto 5ft 3″) and Medium (over 5ft 3″)
  • Available in 3 colours
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg

“That’s really easy to transport”

With most modern rollators, it’s essential that they fold away with ease for transportation, the Saljol Carbon is no different. Due to its impressive weight, even those with less strength will find that you can easily load the rollator into your car or up the stairs, even with one hand, allowing you to hold onto the banister safely as you transport your rollator up the stairs.


Image courtesy of Saljol.de

“Is the gear shifting a standard feature?”

Yes, it is! This is an amazing safety feature that means you can set an individual rolling resistance via the sliding brake on the rear wheels. This is quite an impressive feature to have on the standard model and is very easy to operate.

Simply step lightly on the red lever on the rear wheels with your foot or push it upwards, so you can switch the rolling resistance on or off. With the gear shift on the rear wheels, you can reduce the walking speed. This is particularly useful for going down a hill without the walker rolling away. With the rolling resistance enabled, you have a stable hold on the rollator even when descending downhill, allowing you to follow the slope safely.


The rear gear shifters on the Saljol Carbon.

“What’s the maximum user weight of the Saljol Carbon?”

With its incredible build quality and high-end materials, the Saljol Carbon can easily withstand a maximum user weight of 150 kg, around 23 stone, an amazing achievement for such a lightweight rollator.

“Is it safe to use off-road?”

The Saljol Carbon Rollator has all-terrain tyres with side profiles that absorb all shock from the ground you’re on, meaning you can easily and safely drive over pebbles and cobblestones with the rollator. Even on slippery surfaces, the rollator has excellent grip and braking ability.

“What features are found on the handles?”

The push handle grips present on the Saljol Carbon rollator are made of natural cork that has a pleasant feel and is particularly suitable for handles due to their non-slip structure. Even impacts are absorbed by the cork handles, so driving over cobblestones is no problem.

You can brake quickly and safely with the easily accessible hand brakes, easily activated by gently pulling on them. If you want to sit on the rollator, press the handbrakes down. This activates the parking brake and prevents you from rolling away on uneven surfaces.


The Saljol Carbon offers natural cork grips and accessible handbrakes.

Our Verdict

With the advancement in rollator technology over the past few years, the Saljol Carbon certainly leads the way in terms of looks, features and specification. It’s not just the impressive carbon fibre frame or user weight capacity that impresses us, but its incredible functionality and ease of use.

When folded, we found that the overall width of the Saljol Carbon was the most compact when compared to the TOPRO Olympos (read our guide on the Olympos here) and 5G rollators. Although the Olympos and 5G models are fantastic rollators in their own right, the Saljol Carbon offers a tight, compact and functional design at such low weight.


From left to right – TOPRO Olympos, Saljol Carbon and TOPRO 5G


Its solid construction and carbon frame give the user a high sense of security, with its incredible manoeuvrability a key highlight of the products performance. The Saljol Carbon rollator is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, with its all-terrain tyres absorbing the shock from the ground you’re on, a fantastic addition to the rollator.

You’ll feel safe when out and about due to its enhanced safety features and its natural cork grips and accessible handbrakes. In our honest opinion, the Saljol Carbon should be high on your list when deciding on your next rollator!

Now in-store at Three Counties Mobility. For more information, please call 01223 756440 or chat with us live via our website live chat below!

Saljol Carbon Specifications:

  • Rollator weight: 5.8kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150kg
  • Maximum load of shopping bag: 5kg
  • Seat height: 54cm (small), 62cm (medium)
  • Handle height range: 76 – 88cm (small), 81 – 103cm (medium)
  • Seat width: 45cm (small), 46cm (medium)
  • Overall width: 62cm
  • Width folded: 22cm