When Should I Service My Mobility Scooter?

Keeping up to date with regular checks on any mobility scooter or powerchair can be difficult, but it’s a vital part in making sure you stay safe when you’re out and about.

At Three Counties Mobility, we go above and beyond in checking all critical components of your scooter and powerchair. From carefully examing the brakes, tyres and tracking, to a detailed report on the health of your batteries, you can count on us to do a professional job on your scooter!

In this blog post, we break down a few key parts of a mobility scooter servicing, with key information and photographs along the way.

When is the right time to book a service?

Whilst it’s recommended that a mobility scooter or powerchair should be serviced every one to two years, we often hear of scooters that have gone many years without a service. This is certainly not something we recommend! Even if your scooter has only passed a few miles or so in the past 12 months, the lead-acid batteries that are often found in mobility scooters are known to lose charge as time goes on, causing weaker output and holding much less on a full charge.


The typical condition of a mobility scooter that hasn’t been serviced in 12 months.

When your scooter arrives with us, testing the batteries is our first priority. The equipment we use tells us with a high degree of accuracy just how much charge your batteries are holding and whether it’s time for them to be replaced. This information is stored on a small USB stick and can be printed out to show you the numbers behind the test.

Although most batteries still hold a healthy amount of charge, we have occasionally seen a few that hold very little charge, with some batteries almost a decade old!

Our Experts Top Tip: Regular charging of your scooter batteries is essential to keep your batteries performing the best they can. We also recommend keeping your batteries topped up during the colder months, especially if your scooter isn’t in use.


Our Strident battery tester provides accurate results on many batteries ranging from 1Ah to 150Ah.

What happens next during my scooter service?

With the batteries now out of the scooter and being diagnosed by our battery tester, we take a look at a few more critical components. As well as lubricating the moving parts and checking the rear axel for any signs of weakness, we also check the motor brushes.

Motor brushes are a very small but key element to your mobility scooter’s motor system. Usually on a spring with compressed graphite powder block, the motor brush must be made to exacting tolerances.


Unscrewing the brushes within the motor system.

Next we’ll inspect the wheels, bearings and tyres on the scooter, checking for any obvious signs of wear or damage. We can tell by the signs of wear on a tyre if the tracking is slightly misaligned and discuss options to rectify the tracking and replacing the tyres.

Our Experts Top Tip: Motor brushes are critical in your system and should always be checked during a service. If you experience any juddering when your scooter is in use, this could be a sign that your motor brushes are in need of replacing.


Removing the rear wheels from a mobility scooter.

Once all the key components have been checked and the batteries tested, we’ll begin to put the scooter back together. Often overlooked by some mobility companies, brushing and cleaning down the major parts is a job that we always recommend. It doesn’t just improve the look of your scooter, but also helps us identify any hidden signs of wear or damage to the battery supports, cables or joints.


Our Experts Top Tip: Grime and dirt build-up in the wheel-well can over time cause stress to the motor due to poor free flowing operation. We highly recommend that if your mobility scooter or powerchair begins collecting dirt, try wiping down any excess grime with a damp cloth and warm soapy water.

How do I book my scooter in for a full service?

Booking your scooter or powerchair in for a full service is straight forward and we’ll collect from your house and deliver if you live within 10 miles of our shop. Simply call us on 01223 756440 or contact us via the form below or live chat at the bottom of this screen.

Our service fee is £75.00 (ex. VAT) and includes the following: