Walking Aids: Which 4-wheel Rollator is Right for me?

The ever-increasing popular rollator market offers an extensive range of 4-wheeled walkers from a variety of brands, but where do you start when looking for your next purchase?

In this post, we’ll be looking at a selection of rollators available at Three Counties Mobility and walk you through the features and benefits of the models available.

We have a fantastic range of rollators and walking aids available for online purchase via our website and can be viewed here.

What is a rollator and would I benefit from using one?

The rollators we stock here at Three Counties Mobility all feature 4 wheels and a broad base of support that provides stability for both sides of the body at once. The offer incredible manoeuvrability both indoor and outdoor and often feature a comfortable seat, back support and shopping bag.

If you find yourself struggling when using a traditional walking stick, or maybe needing to take a rest when walking around the local shops, a rollator can offer you both stability and support.

What options are available to me?

The rollator market is forever growing and with that brings a more diverse range of products. Knowing exactly what features you require and also it’s primary use will help you significantly in choosing the right product. For example, consider these questions when looking to purchase a new rollator:

  1. Do I need a rollator that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?
  2. Does it offer off-road functionality?
  3. Is the seat height suitable for me?
  4. Can resistance be added to the rear wheels?
  5. Can I lift the overall product weight?
  6. Will the seat support my body type and weight?

With that in mind, let’s jump in to a few options available at Three Counties Mobility!

TOPRO Olympos ATR Off-road Rollator

Arguably the most popular when it comes to off-road rollators, the TOPRO Olympos offers fantastic off-road functionality due to its impressive large front wheels. As well as providing much greater grip, the wheels also offer shock absorbing qualities that makes for a much smoother and comfortable experience.

The rollator is however rather heavy in comparison to others, with a product weight of 8.9kg. The product can be folded to fit inside a car boot, offers a comfortable canvas seat, back support, shopping bag and easy-to-use hand brakes.

  • Large shock-absorbing front wheels
  • Easily folded with one hand
  • Height adjustable
  • Canvas seat, back support and shopping bag as standard
  • Easy wheel change
  • Product weight: 8.9kg
  • Max user weight: 23 stone


The TOPRO Olympos ATR is a premium rollator designed for outdoor use, featuring large front wheels and shock-absorbing off-road tyres


Rehasense Space LX Rollator

The Space LX folds easily and stays that way with a simple locking system that doubles up as an ergonomically shaped carrying handle. The aluminium frame and canvas seat are tested and approved for the maximum user weight of upto 23 stone, and is one of the easiest to turn aluminium rollators in the 23 stone user weight category.

Light and reliable brakes with TPE-covered unbreakable wheels creates a steady and safe driving feeling. Ergonomically shaped hand grips are adjustable to the position of the hand. Smooth operating hand brakes.

  • Steady, durable and lightweight
  • Aluminium frame construction
  • Canvas seat, back support and shopping bag as standard
  • Height adjustable
  • Step pedal and safety reflectors all around
  • Product weight: 5.7kg
  • Max user weight: 23 stone


Another unique design in the Rehasense line of lightweight rollators and one of the easiest to turn aluminium rollators in the 23 stone user weight category

Rollz Flex Rollator

This clever rollator from Dutch brand Rollz doubles up well as a shopping trolley allowing you to either pull it along or push it by flipping the handle bar over. The Rollz Flex rollator offers a variety of stylish designs as well as a very spacious 25L shopping bag on the front.

The push handles are height adjustable allowing you to select a height that is comfortable, and also features a 17″ wide seat that can support users up to 19 stone in weight.

  • lightweight stylish shopping rollator
  • Comfortable seat
  • 25 litre storage bag
  • Height adjustable
  • Product weight 7.4kg
  • Max user weight: 19 stone


The Rollz Flex rollator is a great looking shopping rollator from premium manufacturer Rollz


Although we’ve only discussed the three products above, we hope that we’ve outlined the key differences in features and their benefits. As discussed earlier on in this post, it’s important to understand your needs when looking to purchase a new rollator. To clarify on the models above, you can look at it this way:

  • TOPRO Olympos ATR – The perfect off-road rollator that offers great comfort and stability on all terrains, however has a greater product weight and can feel rather bulky.
  • Rehasense Space LX – A great daily walking aid that is lightweight, simple to operate and offers great manoeuvrability indoors and outdoors.
  • Rollz Flex – For those who need a large shopping bag and enjoy looking stylish, this is definitely a preferred choice. The large 25L shopping bag offers plenty of storage and is available in a variety of colours.

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